Welcome to the webpage of Ohlone Juniors Volleyball Club. Ohlone Juniors strives to provide quality training for youth volleyball athletes both at the beginner level as well as the highly experienced. Our goal is to grow the game of volleyball for both boys and girls by providing opportunities to play at all age levels possible.


About The Club

Ohlone Juniors Volleyball club stives to be the premier volleyball club for youth training for true beginners of the game of volleyball as well as provide a transition to the highest competitive levels of volleyball in the Fremont community and surrounding areas. We look to instill a foundation of learning the game that will last the athletes a lifetime both on and off the court, and it is the hope of the club that we are able to grow the game of volleyball in the area in both interest level and participation.


[Please excuse the lack of content as we transition from our old page to this new one. Should you have any questions contact club director Jeremy Penaflor at jpenaflor@ohlone.edu.]


Ohlone Juniors 2018-2019 Season Survey

[July 14, 2019]

In order to better serve our families as well as those interested in joining our club we open a survey up to reevaluate the past season as well as introduce ideas for the upcoming season. Whether you were part of the club this past season, have been with us before, or are interested in joining, you are more than welcomed to fill out the survey. You can find the Ohlone Juniors End of Season Survey here, or you can copy and paste the following link:

Thank you in advance for helping us improve how we serve our young athletes and their families.



[July 8, 2019]

Volleyball camps have already began, but there are still spots remaining in camp #2, camp #3, and camp #4. For more information and online registration please go to our main registration page here: Ohlone College Volleyball Camps Registration



[July 8, 2019]

Coming this August is our new MiniVolley program! Designed for the youngest beginners of volleyball, the MiniVolley method of learning puts a unique spin on practice and competition while still learning the fundamentals of the game. Details of our MiniVolley program are still being finalized, but we hope to culminate the program with a final tournament on August 18. More information to come soon.



Coming soon!



Coming soon!