Department Philosophy

Ohlone College's Athletic Department is interested in each student-athlete's growth and development in all areas of college life and emphasizes the importance of obtaining a degree while striving for full academic and athletic potential.

The Department offers athletic opportunities to a diverse group of men and women consistent with the mission of the College. Educational and athletic excellences are the cornerstones of the athletic program. The program's success is measured by the performance of its student-athletes in their academic and athletic pursuits, as well as their contribution to society and the community both before and after graduation.

It is our desire to contribute to the continued growth and development of each student-athlete by providing opportunities that advance the physical, mental, social, and emotional rewards that result from a comprehensive experience in higher education. It is hoped that our relationships with each student-athlete will help develop a positive and constructive philosophy while enhancing their personal and community relationships at the same time. In addition, the Department strives to provide the resources required to provide a total collegiate experience for all its student-athletes.

Finally, the Department is committed to both the letter and the spirit of the rules and regulations of Ohlone College, the Coast Conference, and the California Community College Athletic Association.