Ohlone College Men's Basketball Honors

Ohlone College Men's Basketball Honors

Ohlone College freshmen Kirmarje Trent and Aidan Graham earned basketball honors in the Coast-North Conference.

Trent, an Antioch High graduate, made second-team all-conference and Graham, of Brisbane, Australia, was an honorable mention pick.

Trent and Graham carved out strong seasons while being the focal point of the opposition. Trent led the young Renegades in scoring with 15.6 points a game and in assists with 4.4 a game. Graham averaged 10.8 points and had a team-high 5.2 rebounds a game.

"Trent was an explosive scorer and was very efficient," Ohlone coach Steve Kline said. "He shot a very good percentage and had a good assist-to-turnover ratio. Aidan was playing out of position for us. He's probably a 3 or a 4 and he was playing a 5."

Kline added that Trent and Graham were "the only true scorers we had, and every team knew it and they were able to score anyway."